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Deposit Requirment

A $100 non refundable deposit is require to secure your appointment, if a deposit is not made, your appointment is not confirmed.

Cancellation Policy

You have 72 hours to cancel or reschedule your appointment without charge and your deposit will transfer over to your new appointment once.


If not made within the grace period of your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.


To rebook, you will need to pay 50% of the previous appointment service fee plus a new deposit fee. If you were a no show, you will need to pay 100% of the previous appointment service fee plus a new deposit fee!

Rescheduling policy

Clients who booked an appointment with a deposit will be able to reschedule their appointment one time keeping within the 72 hours guideline.


To reschedule more than once, a new $50 deposit is required each time.

Late Policy

If you'll be running late please notify me as soon as possible via text! A $15 dollar fee will be apply for the first 15 minutes. If your appointment needs to be reschedule, a full 100% appointment service fee will need to be charged to rebook!

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