Welcome Beauties 

It's your first visit with me...

As a new client, we'll require extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create the looks you see on my page! 


After the initial service, your maintenance services will be aligned with my regular color prices. 

Maintenance appointment pricing applies to clients who receive services every 1-5 months. For clients wishing to go 6 months or longer will require selecting a new client service at time of rebooking.

Pricing is broken down into different time blocks to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service or look to book. 

The more time booked, the more we can achieve in one session as long as optimal color conditions apply! 


Please review the services below, then click the "Book Now" button below to submit your appointment request. If you're still unsure of what services to book, click below to submit your new guest color pre-consultation form. Please feel free to email me here if you have any questions or trouble requesting your appointment. 

*Prices are subject to change*


A.K.A "Balyage", this block of time is best for you if you're looking  to start your journey of going lighter. Since most looks require multiple sessions, I will almost always point you in this direction first. If you have any previous dark color, you will need to start here. If you have very thick or bra strap length hair or longer, please see "Balayage Luxe."

When booking this service, select the category, "New Client", service - "Starlayage" $350

Starlayage Luxe

This service is the same as "Starlayage" listed above, but with extra time added to assure we have time to make magic happen.  This block of time is best for you if you have very thick hair or bra strap length hair or longer. 

When booking this service, select the category "New Client", Service- "Starlayage Luxe" $375


A.K.A " Babylights", this service is for you if you're looking to go substantially lighter and are looking to fix any brassiness and blotchiness in your current hair. This service is also for you if you have old chunky highlights which you would like to diffuse and transition into a more blended dimensional look.

When booking this service, select the category, "New Client", Service - "Starlights" $400

Starlights Luxe

This service is the same as "StarLights" above but is catered for clients with hair that is pass shoulder length and thick in density.

When booking this service, select the category, "New Client", Service- "Starlights Luxe" $425

Can't wait to have you in my chair!

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