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"Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off"

If you have not seen me for 6 months or more, please click over to the "NEW CLIENT"page as we will need to reconnect and do an extended consultation to revaluate your hair goals and ensure we have ample time to revamp your look!


Balayage is a French word meaning 'to sweep' or 'to paint'. It allows for a sun-kissed natural-looking hair colour, similar to what nature gives us as children


 Babylights are delicate highlights created using a very fine hair color technique that creates small sperarations between foils so the highlights blend with the base color


Getting your hair cut to keep your hair healthy should be just as important as keeping your skin looking great! “Waiting longer can result in split ends, which means it's harder for your hair to grow because your hair is breaking or splitting from the bottom up

*cuts only with a color service


About me.

Hi Beauties, 

I'm My-Hang (Me-Hun) and I'll be your Hairstylist!  I love providing a plan for my clients to live their best lives through the power of Self Care, starting with "HAIR!"

When you're in my chair you can leave any worries behind, you'll be in good hands! I'm here to guide you in the right direction towards your hair goals. I always make sure I'm up to date with the latest trends and techniques so that I can provide you with the best services.  My goal is to have you looking and feeling amazing!


I want to inspire you to take care of yourself and help others along the way!

If you're ready for that journey with me, click here to book your appointment!

Can't wait to meet you!




Mystylist Salon Address

840 Willow Street Suite A200 San Jose 95125


New Client 

Returning Clients, click below to book your appointments. If you are unsure of what services to book,  please 

Click Here

For all other non-booking related inquires, message me below.

Thank you! I've received your request and will respond within 24 Business Hours! My business hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm. Thank you!

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